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Making Indoor Air Quality A Priority – Do You Use EPEAT As A Purchase Requirement When Considering Purchasing Toner?

Fri Aug 07, 2020

You may not give your office air much thought-but HP does and that’s why Genesis Technologies as an HP MPS Best in Class and HP First Platinum Partner is proud to work with a company that cares so much about sustainable business practices as much as we do.

Learn more how HP voluntarily designs and tests the indoor air quality (IAQ) performance of home/office printers and supplies to meet eco-label emissions standards.1

HP doesn’t compromise when it comes to IAQ-why should you?

Americans spend an estimated 90% of their time indoors and the levels of common air pollutants can be two to five times higher than outdoors, making IAQ a serious health conern.2

That’s why HP voluntarily designs and tests its printing systems3 to meet the strictest eco-label guidelines.

When you choose Original HP toner cartridges, you’re helping to maintain a healthy indoor office environment.

Designed, Manufactured and tested for your peace of mind.

Original HP toner cartridges-when tested together with HP printers and paper-help meet the most stringent emissions standards for IAQ, including:

    EcoLogo in Canada5
    S. Permissible Exposure Limits6 (mandatory occupational guidelines)
    California Chronic Reference Exposure Levels7
    S. Reference Concentration for Chronic Inhalation Exposure8
    WHO Indoor Air Quality Guidlines9

Do you use EPAT as a purchase requirement?

Using only Original HP cartridges can give you confidence your HP printing system3 will perform within EPEAT guidelines.

Don’t compromise on health and indoor air quality.

Through all phases of product development, HP works hard to deliver high-quality toner cartridges that can not only meet your printing needs, but also your IAQ guidelines. With Original HP toner cartridges, you can help:

    Maintain a healthy indoor office environment
    Prevent exposure to elevated levels of volatile organic compounds (VOCs)
    Meet EPEAT or other eco-label purchase requirements

To learn more about how HP is protecting the planet as they transform their business for a circular and low-carbon future visit

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If you would like to start using Original HP cartridges with an HP printing system allow Genesis Technologies help you identify the right equipment for your environment.

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1. See

2. For more information, see

3. An HP printing system consists of HP printer, HP paper, and Original HP supply. Blue Angel DE-UZ 205 emissions criteria or earlier versions applicable when printing system launched.

4. Electronic Product Environmental Assessment Tool (EPEAT®), managed by the Green Electronics Council of the International Sustainability Development Foundation (ISDF). See For printing systems, the IEEE Standard for Environmental Assessment of Imaging Equipment (IEEE Std 1680.2-2012) is applied. EPEAT registration varies by country. See for registration status by country.

5. The EcoLogo Program, founded by the Government of Canada, Type I eco-label, as defined by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO).

6. U.S. Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), PELs-TWA, 29 CFR 1910.1000 Z-1/Z-2, 2006.

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9. World Health Organization (WHO), Air Quality Guidelines for Europe, 2nd edition, 2000.


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